Fans of Epileptic Gaming

online show Epileptic Gaming video game seizures

In case you missed it, for several years there was a live, online TV program named Epileptic Gaming, a variety show by gamers about games and game culture. Its very loyal fan base is keeping the community forum going under the same name, despite the show’s demise last year. The forum is populated by folks who want to connect with other folks about games, share industry news, post opinions on the latest product releases, and organize multi-user events. It’s a refuge for gamers who feel they and the games they play have an undeserved bad rap, people who feel that someone is always blaming video games for society’s ills and trying to take away their freedom to participate in their favorite recreational activity. Please forgive me for not inserting a direct link. If you want to drop in to visit over there, it’s at www.epilepticgaming dot com.

I don’t see anything having to do with epilepsy in the screen graphic for the defunct TV program above, do you? Just some guys looking very tough and operating a variety of macho vehicles. If you have to ask what the name is about, you’re clearly not of the gaming world, where the term seems to carry a lot of respect — the ultimate awesome gaming experience. A no-holds-barred, utterly fantastic game where the visual imagery and story line are lively, action packed, flashy, and bold in a way that could conceivably provoke a seizure in anyone who is susceptible.

Based on some posts in several forums, it appears that achieving a high degree of absorption in a compelling game with that level of visual stimulation is seen as the ultimate “buzz,” which is wildly off the mark in most cases. The aura preceding a seizure can include some briefly pleasant sensations, but the overall experience of a seizure and recovery from it is rarely enjoyable. If you read any game forum threads that specifically address seizures, there are plenty of people who know someone who has had a seizure while playing, as well as posters with epilepsy who for the most part don’t have seizures triggered by visual stimuli. This crowed feels strongly that modifying a game in order to accommodate some health guidelines (for example, modifying the number of flashes per second shown on the screen) would just ruin, totally eviscerate it.

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