Why we ignore seizure warnings: Some “light” reading

Aftter seeing so many useless disclaimers, it’s no wonder people skip over the seizure warnings that come with video games. We’d rather start using our new purchase instead of reading through safety precautions that presume we have no common sense.

A few months ago I gave an example of a ridiculous-sounding product warning to illustrate why it is that most folks routinely skip over the safety advisories in product manuals. I started searching for other examples of silly disclaimers in product literature that are placed to protect the manufacturer from liability claims. Here are a few:

  •  “ATTENTION: The cutting edges of scissors are sharp and care should be taken whenever cutting or handling.”   — crayon manufacturer’s manual for arts and crafts projects
  • “Although all possible measures have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the material presented, neither the author nor the publisher is liable in case of misinterpretation of directions, misapplication, or typographical error.”  — book on growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • “DO NOT run the vacuum over large-sized objects.  — vacuum cleaner owner’s manual
  • ”Do not place fan in or near a window, to avoid contact with the outdoor elements.”            manual for a personal fan

Some enterprising people have already collected many examples of this disclaimer genre that make for amusing reading. Here are some links to silly warnings/disclaimers that will make you shake your head in wonderment. Note that I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the items on these lists nor guarantee that you will be amused (that’s a disclaimer).




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