Best games of E3 2015: how many look risky?

RIBBONS-BLUE-1ST-PLACE-ROSETTESGames industry websites and journalists have announced their picks for the best new video games demonstrated at this month’s annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

That lets me get to work assessing those games for seizure risk, so I can identify which popular titles in the next crop of releases are less likely to trigger seizures. (I suspect I’m one of very few on the planet who tunes in for this purpose to the annual “best-of” video game lists. I want to see if the development studios are doing more to cut down on image sequences that can set off seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.)

I tested the winners chosen by Hardcore Gamer in 9 game categories. Five of the winners—including the Best Game of Show winner, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided—contained seizure-provoking flashes and/or patterns.

Here are my results, using the Harding Flash and Pattern Analyzer to check for images likely to trigger seizures in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. Please remember that there are no guarantees your results will match mine and that many factors affect a person’s susceptibility to visually induced seizures. Also, the seizure safety guidelines are designed to protect most (97 percent) but not all people with photosensitive epilepsy.

 Cuphead NHL 16 Unravel Horizon: Zero Dawn No Man's Sky Street Fighter V Battleborn Need for Speed Deus Ex: Mankind DividedTesting methodology 

I run downloaded gameplay clips, cinematic clips, and promotional trailers for each game and submit the sequences to the Harding Flash and Pattern Analyzer. The FPA is widely used by producers and networks in the UK—including by the BBC—to reduce the seizure risk of all material on broadcast TV.

The analyzer examines video sequences for very specific and measurable image qualities that researchers have found can trigger seizures:

  • rapidly alternating light and dark images (flash/flicker)
  • certain stripes and geometric patterns with high contrast
  • large areas of very bright (“saturated”) red
  • problem images take up more than one quarter of the total screen area

If the first clip I test of a game fails the guidelines compliance test, I note that and move on to test the next game. If no violations are found, I typically test at least 4 or 5 additional clips of that game–sometimes more, if I have a hunch due to the game genre and/or overall look of the sequences that there might be unsafe “footage” that I haven’t yet found.

The image analyzer found Deus Ex: Mankind Divided contained images that can provoke seizures.

The image analyzer found Deus Ex: Mankind Divided contained images flashing at a rate that can provoke seizures.


Games with a PASS result could have seizure-provoking sequences that I was unable to locate. I don’t do this testing while actually playing these video games. Instead I work with video clips available online, some of which are official marketing and gameplay trailers; others are cutscenes and gameplay sessions posted by reviewers or fans. I avoid clips showing games that have been modified with other software.

Each person’s seizure threshold can be affected by a number of factors apart from the visual stimulus itself, including illness, hunger, stress, fatigue, alcohol, medications, length of play, and the player’s menstrual cycle, among others. So a game that seems OK may trigger a seizure in that same player under different conditions.

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